Man With Cancer Marries Fiancée In Tear-Jerking Ceremony Just Before He Dies

Man With Cancer Marries Fiancée In Tear-Jerking Ceremony Just Before He Dies

Angela Markus

When two people marry, they pledge to spend a long-lasting life together. For some, the outcome is not that simple. Caleb Hanby married the love of his life despite suffering from a rare form of terminal jaw cancer while on his hospital bed after suddenly deteriorating weeks before their dream wedding.

The 28-year-old gym manager was rushed to the ICU after having difficulty breathing. Within a few hours, with the help of hospital staff, Mr. Hanby and his bride Bethany, 26, tied the knot in a rushed, but emotional ceremony. The happy couple was just over two weeks away from their dream $100,000 wedding, which they won after a bridesmaid secretly entered the couple in a competition.

Since meeting at the gym where Caleb worked, the two had been inseparable. A trip to the dentist for a minor issue with a joint in his jaw uncovered a devastating diagnosis. A biopsy later revealed he had stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma—a rare cancer that usually begins in the muscles or tendons.

Despite a year of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the tumor continued to grow, eventually breaking his jaw.

The couple persevered through the challenging months and became engaged. Their wedding date had to be pushed up because of Caleb’s deteriorating condition. But after Caleb recent hospital visit, the couple realized that their time together may be running out. It was then, they decided to get married at the hospital. 

Wearing the clothes she had on when she arrived at the hospital that same day, the bride walked into her fiance’s room carrying yellow sunflowers, white carnations, and red roses. After the exchanging of the rings, she said, “Hey handsome. I can honestly say that I’ve waited for this day my entire life. The day I get to become your wife. How lucky am I that you chose to spend your life with me?”

The sweetest wedding you ever did see. I’m bawling!

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