Girl Posing As a Mannequin In a Store Window Shows Off Her Flawless Moves

Girl Posing As a Mannequin In a Store Window Shows Off Her Flawless Moves

Kendall Conners

When you’re walking around a clothing store have you ever wondered what it would be like if a mannequin came to life? If you answered yes, you’re not alone! Most people live in fear of a store mannequin coming to life (myself included!), but maybe that is about to change.

In a seemingly quiet store front, there are three mannequins dressed to impress. All three are in different outfits and are standing in different poses. Then, all of a sudden the mannequin in the middle moves her hands up just a little bit. It doesn’t stop there.

She starts popping her body upwards, and turns her head looking at the mannequin to her left. At this point she is doing a sort of robotic dance, turning slowly to the right and bending over like a robot would. The eerie music in the background starts to get louder as her robotic dance moves start to pick up.

BOOM! The bass drops and the mannequin starts popping her chest in and out along to the music that has become quite loud. At first she just keeps doing basic robotic movements, but finally she starts spinning around in the display case letting her hair fly behind her as she dances.

This exceptionally beautiful choreography belongs to none other than Joo MinJeong, the recent winner of Korea’s Got Talent! She moves and glides all across the window display, while the other two real mannequins stand motionless beside her.

MinJeong has made quite the name for herself and is known for her synchronized dance moves. What better way to showcase her talent than as a mannequin in a store window?

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