Marine Surprises Brother and His Reaction is Priceless!

Marine Surprises Brother and His Reaction is Priceless!

Angela Markus

Reunions are tremendous, especially when it involves family members.

This video will surely move you to tears. A father is recording his son as he tells him a surprise is in store. The son loves the idea of a surprise but does not have any idea of what it could be. Yet, it seems like the son is more concerned with going to the movies. He asks the father if they were still going to the movies. Before the father answers, a brother of the young boy opens the bedroom door behind him and finishes the sentence. The younger brother is speechless. He covers his face with his t-shirt and tears begin to flow.

The joyous moment is a shock to the younger brother as he moves in for a hug from the other brother who was away in the Marines for the last six months. Emotions are definitely high, as the younger brother could do nothing else but cry. Everyone is overwhelmed with emotions. The dad cannot stop laughing as he explains how hard it was for them to keep a secret. The Marine brother is emotional as he hugs his younger brother, and another brother joins in for a group hug!

Reunions are splendid! However, there is something about military families being united that fills the eyes with tears. Maybe it is the fact of their courageous acts of valor and serving our country. The scary thoughts of the dangers they face, and the remote possibility that they may not come back, or simply, the missing element of a brotherly bond. Whatever it is, reunions fill the heart with such reassurance and joy!

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