A Crow Walks Up To A Dog And Bits His Tail

Mean Crow

A Crow Walks Up To A Dog And Bits His Tail

Bethany Burrows

There are so many creatures that you would never expect to get along with dogs.

We’ve seen cats snuggling with dogs, dogs hanging out with deer and now crows trying to play with dogs … we’ve seen it all!

This pup is playing with his owner in the park when a sneaky crow shows up behind him. Nero the dog doesn’t pay him much notice but every time he turns around to check him out the crow pretends he’s minding his own business. This happens a few times before this curious crow gets even closer to Nero.

Finally, when he builds up enough courage this crow stretches up and bites the end of his tail! Nero immediately turns around and gives one big warning bark to this crow to keep away! I would think the crow would have learned his lesson but I bet he’ll try to come back for sneak attack #2!

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