You NEED This Meatloaf Roll Recipe In Your Life

You NEED This Meatloaf Roll Recipe In Your Life

Angela Markus

The Barbecue Pit Boys score with this twist on the American classic—Bacon and Cheese Meatloaf Roll. Get ready for a mouth-watering recipe you thought only existed in your dreams!

You are going to need five pounds of ground chuck beef, half of an onion, ¾ cup of chopped celery, a pound of smoked bacon, salt, pepper, garlic, marinara sauce, and shaved cheese.

He starts by setting aside 5 pounds of ground chuck beef, and dices half of a large onion, celery and bacon he had smoking on the side.

He wets his cutting board with beer and then flattens the ground beef as if it were pizza dough. He uses his fist to pound it out to a ½ inch thick square. Then he sprinkles salt, pepper and garlic and brushes with marinara sauce.

He then sprinkles the onion, celery, and bacon as if he were building a pizza. To complete, he adds shaved hard cheese and rolls it. Amazing!

He places the roll on a grill with a temperature of 300 degrees opposite of the hot coals—indirect heat style. He brushes with more marinara sauce and places three uncooked slices of bacon. The roll bakes for an hour and should have an internal temperature of 155 to 160 degrees.

At the end, he tops it with more cheese and allows it to melt. Are you drooling yet?

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