He Melts Aluminum and Pours It Into The Pool. What Happens Next Is SO Cool!

He Melts Aluminum and Pours It Into The Pool. What Happens Next Is SO Cool!

Angela Markus

There are a lot of things you can do with molten aluminum, you know, if you are into that type of really cool stuff. Lately, aluminum has been used for art and no matter if you’re a science geek or an art fanatic, you’re going to love what this guy creates. This backyard scientist blows our mind when he throws some melted aluminum in the pool.

Those who dare to handle molten aluminum are brave. If you fail to use proper procedures when melting and casting aluminum, it can be very dangerous.

According to the Aluminum Association, Molten Aluminum is typically handled at 1300-1450 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid premature solidification. Contact with it can cause severe burns and create a serious fire hazard. Mixing water or other contaminants with molten aluminum can cause explosions.

This daring scientist prepares his aluminum by cutting a propane tank and creating a barbecue type pit heated with coals. After placing aluminum in the pit, he heats it up. After 15 minutes, the aluminum is melting, and he adds more material. After five minutes, the elements looks dangerous.

He pours the smoldering hot aluminum into a pool. What happens next is intriguing. Although the underwater view is a lot blurry, the pieces of solidified aluminum and the funny noises it makes going into the pool are fascinating. The five pounds of material stays molten as it reaches the bottom of the six-foot pool.

What do you think about the experiment? Cool, right?

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