Learn The ONE Secret To Perfectly Layered Beverages!

Memorial Day Drink

Learn The ONE Secret To Perfectly Layered Beverages!

Sophia Gioiello

You have all seen the captivating colors layered in your glass as you sip through your straw, appropriately attached to an island-themed umbrella. Usually these beautifully crafted cocktails feature a splash of juice and a heavy dose of your favorite boozy liquor.

Have you ever stopped to think, “How do they manage to get each brightly colored beverage to stay in those perfectly even layers?”

Well luckily for you, we found the answer – just in time for a Memorial Day-inspired drink! Mom blogger Katrina from In Katrina’s Kitchen unveils the secret to layered beverages with a delicious blend of sweet drinks to quench your thirst this Memorial Day weekend.

I wish I could admit it is some tricky, hard-to-believe answer, but it all depends on the sugar! Simply layer the drink with the heaviest sugar content on the bottom. Just make sure to use equal portions of each beverage of your choice and plenty of ice!

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While Katrina originally created this patriotic refreshment with the Fourth of July in mind, we think it’s perfect for your Memorial Day barbecue. You may have the BBQ fired up, potato salad ready to be devoured and festive desserts in the fridge, but you can’t forget these adorable drinks to slurp up!

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Top them off with red and blue straws and party decorations of your choice to get the complete look! Nothing says, “God Bless America” like some red, white and blue thirst quenchers. Now the question is – how can we make these with an added spike for the adults!?

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