She Had One Wish. Now WATCH Who Swims Up And Makes Her Dreams Come True!

She Had One Wish. Now WATCH Who Swims Up And Makes Her Dreams Come True!

Angela Markus

It was a magnificent sight on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland.  A mermaid came ashore to make a wish come true for a very special but gravely ill 8-year-old little girl named Lauren Cosgrove. Born at just 27 weeks, this brave princess has endured a great deal for her short time on this earth.

The amazing wish was brought to life by the Rays of Sunshine Foundation and professional mermaid Linden Wolbert.

Adorably dressed as a mermaid, Lauren and her family enjoyed a day at the Sealife Glasgow Aquarium. Little did she know a surprise was in store for her! Lauren has spent many days in the hospital because of her Short Bowel Syndrome. All the little mermaid ever wanted was to meet one in real life.

When Lauren and her family stopped on the shore of the Loch, she spotted Mermaid Linden swimming towards her waving.

Completely overjoyed by the meeting of a real life mermaid, Lauren and Linden spent some time chatting and posing for photos.  Lauren also received a beautiful pearl necklace from Linden with a promise to keep in touch! She could not stop smiling.

Linden is not a real mermaid, she resides in Los Angeles and is used to performing at lavish parties as well as working on projects.

Lauren has sadly battled SBS all her life, a condition that occurs when part of the small intestine is missing or has been removed during surgery. Nutrients are not properly absorbed into the body (malabsorption) as a result.

Regardless of her status, nothing is bringing down this smiling little mermaid!

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