People Are Obsessed With This “Mermaid Pillow” That Changes With A Swipe Of a Hand

People Are Obsessed With This “Mermaid Pillow” That Changes With A Swipe Of a Hand

Angela Markus

Journalist Steve Noviello was off duty when he  came across these strange sparkly ‘mermaid pillows’ at a Nebraska Furniture Mart shop. He didn’t think too much of the sequined decor until he began to run his fingers through its shiny reversible fabric.

Mermaid pillows are magical pillows covered in sequins that change color as you stroke them. They’re not actually magical, or created from mermaids, but they change color thanks to sequins on one side being a different color to the sequins on the other.

Noviello realized that you could completely transform the pillows’ visual by shifting the shiny sequins from side to side, doodling on them like magnetic drawing boards and even writing messages and letters on them.





After discovering they were, in fact, mind-blowingly awesome, he and his friend went to town live-streaming their experience playing with the shimmery pillow with the world. Unbeknownst to them, the video became a viral hit and in a matter of days, it has received over 30 million views!

Now everyone wants in on the mermaid pillow, but apart from the double-sided sequined fun, the price tag  of $150 isn’t doing it any favors! Luckily, cheaper versions can be found on Etsy.

Enjoy the illusion that is the Mermaid pillow below!

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