This Michael Jackson Cover Is Something You HAVE To Hear!

Michael Jackson Cover

This Michael Jackson Cover Is Something You HAVE To Hear!

Erika Carter

The song you hear is ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson. The tune has a light air to it and a more soothing rhythm that the typical cover we expect to hear from this song. There is no singing at all throughout, just a guitar solo to this very famous song. The guy follows along the whole time, never messing up, providing a nice alternative way to enjoy Michael Jackson. Overall this performance is a masterpiece.

Who is this you may ask? Well the musician playing a solo to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” is none other than Miguel Rivera. He is a very talented musician. This can be seen through the fact that he had to learn the main riff, the vocal melody, and the percussion part of the song.

Once he learned all of this, he had to blend it together in the perfect form recreating Michael Jackson’s song. The style that Miguel Rivera uses in this video is very reflective of a percussive and finger style cover. His fingers are moving fluidly throughout the entire video, strumming at the strands along his acoustic guitar. The main sounds are very percussive, which gives this classic a very nice and light sound that can be quite soothing.

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