Turn A Plastic Milk Jug Into A Scooper!

Milk Jug Scooper

Turn A Plastic Milk Jug Into A Scooper!

Ashley Rego

Here’s the “scoop,” you can make one very useful item using only an empty plastic milk jug, a marker and a pair of scissors. Are you “picking up” what I’m putting down?

If you haven’t figured it out from my very clever play on words (lol!), this nifty crafter has used these three common items to make her very own scoop!

With a little snip here and a little snip there, Design Squad Nation shows us how to repurpose the old containers to construct an item we all can use. Whether you’re scooping up pet food to transport to your pup’s tiny bowl, sand on the beach to help create your son’s first sandcastle, or seeds to spread over your freshly mowed garden – this handy scoop works for it all!

So don’t throw out those empty jugs, use them to add this convenient item to your collection of tools!

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