Milo The Dancing Bird Is Sexy And He Knows It!

Milo The Dancing Bird Is Sexy And He Knows It!

Jamaica Bravo

Birds are interesting creatures. Normally we only see them flying around or building nests, but this is one bird that has other special talents. What makes him stand out amongst the rest is his funky rhythm and is lack of shame showing it! Once you play a top hit, there’s no stopping this fun-loving guy!

Milo is an Electus Parrot. His vibrant colors will make you stare, but it’s what comes after LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” that will have you gawking!

At first he just bobs his head up and down along to the rhythm of the music. As soon as the beat drops, he’s all over the place, moving side to side along the couch as if no one was watching! Good thing his Milo’s owner grabbed the camera just in time to catch this epic performance all on tape- otherwise you wouldn’t believe it!

Just when you think it’s over, Milo busts out another move, and then another! There’s no telling where this funky bird got his moves but there’s one thing certain, he’s got talent! This is the best thing I’ve seen all day!

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