Miniature Horse Leads Jazzercise Class For Humans

Miniature Horse Leads Jazzercise Class For Humans

Angela Markus

Here is motivation for you if you are attempting to finally make good on your ambition to workout. If you do not think this is awesome, I don’t know what will. Juliette is an 18-year-old horse lover, trainer and the owner of Oreo, an 11-year-old paint pony, and Nemo, a funny 3-year-old miniature horse. Though she’s been working with Oreo for six years, Nemo is brand new to learning tricks. But in just one month of training, Juliette says he’s learned to ear, bow, lay down, Spanish walk, picking up things, pushing a ball, liberty circles, working in pairs, free jumping and so much more.

Watch in absolute delight as Nemo enjoys one of his favorite cardio activities – leading a group of teenage girls through an entire workout routine. The rainbow leg warmers? The headband? The funky 80s music? I mean, every aspect of this screams viral.

How incredible is this?! Even when he runs off in a spurt of excitement, he happily jaunts back to Juliette and the rest of his class. How neat would it be to exercise with Nemo, or have him as my instructor?

Juliette says Nemo is turning out to be quite an impressive pony, and I have to agree. I could watch this little guy all day long.

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