Giant 40ft Inflatable Minion Causes Traffic Jam in Dublin

Giant 40ft Inflatable Minion Causes Traffic Jam in Dublin

Angela Markus

Those minions can be despicable indeed. The little yellow creatures are known to be impulsive with a lack of self-control. Their wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them seem to be the driving force behind their popularity at the box office.

The state police force of the Irish Republic, the Gardai, arrived at the scene of an unusual sighting. A giant escaped minion had blocked a busy highway causing a terrible traffic jam. The police helped motorists deflate the character.

The inflatable minion escaped from its midway perch at the Santry Fun Fair. The mischievous inflatable somehow blew free of its restraints and ended up as a barricade blocking traffic and reportedly knocking a side-view mirror off one motorist’s car.


People took to Twitter and other social media sites to inform others of the bizarre happenings. “I’m not sure how it got loose, but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” Erin Van Londen wrote on one site. “It’s been very windy in the area.”

Van Londen contacted officials to let them know they had a minion in their midst.

Another motorist told the Irish Independent, “It was bizarre… I haven’t seen the film, but I think everyone knows the Minions.”


Most witnesses saw the humor in the incident though some public officials used it to score political points. Paul McAuliffe, who sits on the Dublin City Council, tweeted out, “Escaped Minion at Omni in Santry may seem hilarious, but it is a despicable breach of health and safety.”

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