After Being Paralyzed For Three Years This Dog Got A Chance At A New Life

Paralyzed Dog

After Being Paralyzed For Three Years This Dog Got A Chance At A New Life

Erika Carter

One mom was brought to tears when she saw something she never thought she would see again.

When a woman walked through the door to pick up her paralyzed pooch, Sammi, she is shocked when he comes trotting happily around the corner to greet her, wagging tail and all.

Her precious dog, who had been paralyzed for three years, was recovering from spinal surgery. She expected she would just be going inside to pick him up as usual when she got the surprise of a lifetime.

With her hands over her mouth, she drops her belonging to the floor and seems to be a loss for words while Sammi, her beloved dog, is wiggling happily at her feet. The nurses, who were all gathered around in the background to witness this wonderful moment call Sammi’s name gleefully, clapping and laughing as the woman drops to her knees to hug her pet.

Through his daily therapy, he had slowly built up the strength to be able to walk again all by himself! The joy on his owner’s face speaks for itself. The nurses inform her that he’s also been running as well as walking and that they “can’t get him to lay down!”

“It’s beautiful!” she exclaims, crying, still happily stroking her dog and grinning from ear to ear. This woman does not stop smiling this entire video; you can feel her excitement and joy! The dog runs back and forth between her and the nurses as she just watches, still shocked and in disbelief of what she is seeing.

“It was our pleasure.” Says a nurse in the background. Agreed! What a pleasure it is to be able to witness this special moment between owner and pet.

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