Woman Saved From Sinking SUV Has People Everywhere Scratching Their Heads

Woman Saved From Sinking SUV Has People Everywhere Scratching Their Heads

Jamaica Bravo

Miracles do happen and this is one video that proves it! One woman found that out first hand when torrential rains hit her town in Pueblo, Colorado. The rain was falling so fast that it quickly flooded the roads, making it hard for even locals to figure out where they were going. Charlene Deherrera was driving her car home from work at a local Wendy’s when the downpour began. As the rain fell, her SUV started to get more and more submerged in water. Eventually, the SUV got caught in the stream of water, with the front of the vehicle gradually sinking.

For many, the predicament would be difficult, but not life threatening. Many people in the area who found themselves in similar situations just got out of their vehicles. Unfortunately, Deherrera doesn’t know how to swim, so even if she was able to make it out of her vehicle, she wouldn’t have been able to survive in what was becoming a deep-water flood on the roads. Instead, she called her brother from the car on her cell phone and stayed inside.

Eventually, the car became completely submerged in 10-foot water with all the windows up and sealed. A doctor noticed she was in trouble and tried to break through one of the windows with a stick but was unsuccessful. Eventually one man came to the rescue and was able to reach inside the submerged vehicle and pull Deherrera out. A group of rescuers were able to help Deherrera to safety on dry land.

But this near-death experience isn’t the highlight of this story. Rescuers noticed that all the car windows had been rolled up. How did they managed to get Deherrera out of the vehicle? What do you think? Did it all just happen so fast or was the whole rescue an amazing miracle?

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