Steve Harvey Brings Dethroned Beauty Queen On His Talk Show

Steve Harvey Brings Dethroned Beauty Queen On His Talk Show

Angela Markus

Who can forget the excruciating moment Steve Harvey crowned the wrong Miss Universe in the worst pageant mix-up of all time? After repetitive apologies, Steve Harvey invited the dethroned beauty queen to set the record straight on his talk show.

Ariadna Gutiérrez, 22, sat down with Steve for his two-part interview where he spoke to both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. While hosting the pageant last December, the comedian mistakenly crowned Gutiérrez as the winner when she was actually the first runner-up. After several minutes, he returned to the stage to correct his dreadful mistake during the live broadcast. The winner was, in fact, Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

The interview will air in two days. Harvey talks to Wurtzbach on one day and Gutiérrez the next. In several clips released by the show, it seems that Gutiérrez is ready to forgive Steve, even making jokes with him. The beauty queen tells Harvey that he needs to learn to read cards, and he just wanted her to win.

While apologizing to Gutiérrez, Steve began to tear up, saying he’s “beyond sorry” for what he did to her. He said knowing how bad it was for him, he “cannot even begin to imagine what it was like for [Gutiérrez].”

Do you think Ms. Colombia will forgive Harvey?

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