Host Steve Harvey Crowns the Wrong Girl at Miss Universe Pageant

Host Steve Harvey Crowns the Wrong Girl at Miss Universe Pageant

Angela Markus

Steve Harvey is a very amusing guy. We enjoy him every day on Family Feud, ponder the relationship advice he offers on his television talk show, and laugh out loud at his jokes on his radio show.

But the Miss Universe 2015 pageant will probably be known as the worst boo-boo in his career.

At the end of the event, Harvey announced that Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe. The only problem with that was… she was the 1st runner up. The real winner of the pageant was Miss Philippines, who was mistakenly awarded the first runner-up.

Apparently, host Steve Harvey read the cue card wrong. Bummer!



Harvey was quick to take responsibility for his actions. He tweeted, “I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia. This was a terribly honest human mistake and I am so regretful.” While Philippians is actually part of the New Testament, not where the pageant winner is from, (the Philippines) we’re sure he’s sincerely apologetic.


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For such a mistake to be made in such a spectacle as the Miss Universe contest is essentially unheard of—especially at its climax. Whether this was staged is probably an open question. But why would it be? Regardless, Colombia looks pretty devastated. Understandably so!

Steve Harvey repeatedly apologized for his error. It is evident he feels horrible about the mistake as he was so excited to host the event. He has since posted an apology on all of his social media accounts. Watch the video for yourself to see the terrifying moment unfold.

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