Family Tries Desperately to Find Missing Son in Thailand

Family Tries Desperately to Find Missing Son in Thailand

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Jordan Jacobs went on a solo vacation to Thailand a few weeks ago, and hasn’t been seen since. The 21-year-old called his mother from a stranger’s phone while he was still traveling, and told her that a strange Thai man had been following him around.

She told reporters that she heard terror in his voice when her son continued, telling her that he was afraid of the man, who wouldn’t leave him alone. He said the Thai man wasn’t going to let him leave the country. Then, Jordan Jacobs’ scheduled return flight to Lyneham, England, departed last week, without the young man on board.

He told his mother that he had been flying in between the islands of Phi Phi during his stay in Thailand and that because money was tight, he was primarily only taking free flights. He was also staying in local cheap or free hostels, and had left the backpacking crew he had been traveling with for a bit, because a local Thai man in his late 20s, who said he had once worked on a farm in Ko Phi Phi Don, had offered to give Jordan a free tour.



Nobody knows if this is the same man that Jordan was saying he was afraid of, because he wasn’t able to talk with his mom on the phone for long. Jordan’s last known location was the PP Restaurant in Ko Phi Phi Don, where he found a Cypriot tourist who was willing to let him use his cell phone. The tourist reported that Jordan had no shoes or  bag.

Naturally incredibly worried, his sister, Emily, got in touch with Jordan briefly through Facebook Messenger. She asked if he was okay, but the reply message she received scared the family even more. It said, “I’ve said too much. I can’t talk. I love you.” Emily was so freaked out by her brother’s message, that she posted on Facebook, begging anyone with information about Jordan to come forward.

Her post has been shared about 18,000 times and they have at least been contacted by a few travelers from around the world already, who had seen Jordan at some point in their own Thailand travels. So far, no one who had seen him after the Cypriot tourist.

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Jordan’s sister is begging internet users to help her family find him, saying, “Any information no matter how small you think it is could be huge. Any sightings or potential sightings. Any contact. Anything. We want to have him home safe.”

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