He Not Only Proposes To Her, But Also Her Daughter!

He Not Only Proposes To Her, But Also Her Daughter!

Angela Markus

If you are a sucker for creative and touching proposals, you are not alone. Here’s one of the most romantic and charming proposals that will surely bring tears to your eyes.

It was the perfect summer day on the beach. The entire family is waiting in excitement for the big moment Michael was to propose to his girlfriend. But not only does he plan on asking Carley to be his bride, he plans on asking her daughter to be his best friend too. After a group hug from all the family members, Michael is ready.

Carly followed the street signs stuck in the sand to her destination. She’s accompanied by her little princess, Ariana, and it’s not hard to imagine the emotions they’re both feeling.

Finally, they reach Michael. He gets down on one knee and proposes to his little lady, “Ari, would you be my little lady and best friend forever?”

The family then joined the elated trip with champagne, hugs, and so much support. Now this is a proposal!


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