Mom Finds Glass in Huggies Baby Wipes

Mom Finds Glass in Huggies Baby Wipes

Angela Markus

You would think baby wipes would be the softest material in the world, right? Not according to moms Melissa Estrella and Angel Bradshaw, who use Huggies baby wipes on their children.

Nothing could be more horrifying than learning that a trusted brand product used on millions of babies every day has the potential to harm in the worst way. Two moms disturbingly found shard glass in their packages of Huggies Baby Wipes; thankfully it was before they used it on the children.

Earlier in August, Melissa Estrella uploaded a video onto Facebook warning that Huggies baby wipes contained pieces of glass. The video received more than 5 million views and has since been removed.

Upon seeing the Estrella video, Angel Bradshaw, a California mom, recorded a similar video documenting the glass shards she found in her baby wipes, which she stocked up on at Target.

Bradshaw said in the video, “We wipe our babies’ butts with these, we wipe our babies’ faces with these.”

Huggies has responded to individual complaints and has issued a statement, complete with information on how to contact the company for questions or complaints.

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Let’s hope this occurrence was just a couple of isolated incidents and the error has been corrected. Parents don’t need any more aggravations to deal with when it comes to taking care of babies. They pay premium prices for the top brands, and should receive the safety that comes with the guarantee.

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