Mom Gets Surprise At Her Daughter’s Recital She Never Saw Coming

Mom Gets Surprise At Her Daughter’s Recital She Never Saw Coming

Angela Markus

Cue the waterworks! The Quaker company created the most heart-tugging advertisement featuring a touching daddy-and-daughter dance. The commercial starts with one simple question, “What if you were given the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but you had to start today?” When this father and daughter were asked what was it that they have always wanted to do, the pair had the same answer: spend more time together.

The people in the commercial are real.  The wish of Michael, the dad, and his daughter, Lauren, wanting to spend more time together was completely unscripted.

So just how did the pair decided to spend more time? Lauren asks her dad to take a dance class with her to surprise her mom. While most dads would be thinking, no way, Lauren’s dad doesn’t hesitate. He ends up going above and beyond and decides to not only take a class but to dance with Lauren at her upcoming recital.

On recital day, Lauren’s mom had no idea what to expect and was left anxiously awaiting her husband’s arrival. Any parent can relate to the dreaded fear of having to tell their child that mom or dad didn’t make it in time.

However, as Lauren steps out on stage, her mom is in for the surprise of a lifetime. Shortly into her performance, Lauren’s dad jumps on stage, and the two reveal the choreography they had worked so hard on. 

It’s an absolutely priceless moment that will probably leave you welling-up.

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