These Mom Hacks Will Make Arts and Crafts So Much More Bearable!

These Mom Hacks Will Make Arts and Crafts So Much More Bearable!

Jamaica Bravo

The moms from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms, have posted yet another episode of Mom Hacks. For those of you who haven’t been watching, this is a series where a group of moms share their favorite tips for a variety of different activities the typical mom might encounter.

In this edition of the show, the moms get real about craft time. We know it’s recommended by just about every daycare provider or teacher out there, but boy, can arts and crafts be a real drag when you’re at home alone with the kids and it comes time to clean up. That’s why we absolutely love this edition of Mom Hacks.

The moms have tons of tips and great ideas about how to make arts and craft time either less messy to begin with, or easier to clean up afterward. We definitely appreciate some of their great ideas, like keeping fingerpainting in a huge plastic ziplock or putting kids paint in hand soap dispensers with little cups underneath, to make it easier for kids to dispense, but also less messy if they dispense too much. We are also especially grateful for their tips on how to clean up glitter, crayons or marker stains from surfaces we didn’t want them to get on, like walls, nice counters, or tiled floors.

Several of these, we certainly never would have thought up on our own! But like usual, all of this team of moms’ ideas are pretty brilliant. Let us know in the comments which ones you find particularly useful!

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