These Mom Hacks Will Make The Holidays a Breeze!

These Mom Hacks Will Make The Holidays a Breeze!

Genevieve Lopez

The holiday season isn’t just about splurging on gifts and overindulging in our favorite treats. It’s also about finding new and creative ways to stay sane during it all!

The brilliant DIY-saavy ladies of WhatsUpMoms know all too well that life can get rough during the holidays. Rather than leaving us to crack under all the stress, they’re sharing with us 14 amazing tips that’ll make Christmas decorating, gift wrapping, and party planning fun again!

In a baking tin, Mom places a yummy Hershey’s treat in each tin hole, then covers them with stickers, numbered from one through 24. Every day leading up to Christmas, your kids can look forward to an afternoon treat! Not only is this a great way to anticipate the big day, it’s fun, decorative, and inexpensive!

If you run out of wrapping paper, don’t sweat it. Get crafty with what you have lying around the house. Grab the aluminum foil for an elegant look, or cut up a brown paper shopping bag for an urban look. Even better, wrap your gift with white easel paper for your kids to get artsy with. How cute do these presents look?

Mom takes an adhesive hook and places it onto her door. Just like that, her decorative holiday wreath hangs perfectly, greeting partying guests without all the hassle!

If these aren’t enough brilliant mom hacks to get you into the holiday spirit, then watch the video for more great ideas!

Great tips from great moms? Now that’s how you spread holiday cheer!

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