African-Brazilian Mother Gives Birth To Three Albino Children

African-Brazilian Mother Gives Birth To Three Albino Children

Angela Markus

Rosamere Fernanda De Andrade is an African-Brazilian mother who was thoroughly confused when a white baby was handed to her to at the hospital. Imagine her mindset when the same thing happened to her with a second child and eventually the third. She quickly learned that her babies had albinism.

The 31-year-old mother for 6 from Recife, Brazil has given birth to three children with albinism. Whenever she goes out with her family, there is never a shortage of gazes. However, she is more concerned with her children’s well-being and how the condition will affect Ruth (14), Estefanie (12), and Kauan (9).

According to Mayo Clinic, albinism first starts in the gene. There are several mutations in one gene where instructions are provided for making one of the several proteins involved in the production of melanin. Therefore, that modification may result in no melanin at all or a significantly reduced amounts. A severe defect of the disorder is the vision impairment which is due to the irregular development of the optic nerve and poor development of the retina.

In the clip, Rosamere took her children to a specialist who was able to offer insight on the disorder and what she needs to do for her children. Ruth, Estefanie and Kauan have a hard time playing in the sun because of their skin’s sensitivity. The doctor was able to explain why such things happen and what she needs to be mindful of as her children get older.


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