Rockstar Mom Blows Everyone Away With Her Drum Skills

Rockstar Mom Blows Everyone Away With Her Drum Skills

Angela Markus

When we think about mothers, we can easily muster up several words to describe them. I think the last phrase on this mother’s children was ‘amazing drum player.’ The first couple of notes to the song “Wipeout” shows that this mother has some serious skills!

We like to think that most mothers are supermoms because they can literally do just about anything. This lady proves us right with her skills on the drums. Watch how quick her hands are moving! She is killing the performance so much that the crowd is in an uproar.

Before they are baby-carrying caregivers, mothers had their lives and, dare I say, certain aspirations and talents! When marriage and children come around, sometimes that results in sacrificing their ambitions and focusing on the family. Whether the decision was by choice or obligation, their talents seemingly never go away.

Drummer mom complements the band pretty well. The synchrony kind of gives you the feeling that they have done this before, but the percussionist is the true show stopper. I think this mother can be a winning contestant on “America’s Got Talent.” What do you think?

Her children are probably so proud!

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