Mom Pranks Her Son On His 8th Birthday

Mom Pranks Her Son On His 8th Birthday

Jamaica Bravo

Do you remember the days when you were a child and your mother called you by your full name? Shouting your first, middle, and last name all at once left a sense of terror in your heart as you had no idea what to expect. So as you walked down the stairs to reach your fate you crossed your fingers in hopes that you everything would be okay and you would get no punishment in return for whatever it was that you had done…

Well this mother used this scare tactic in order to surprise her son with a gift for his birthday – and boy, did he fall for it!

Marj, holding a yellow envelope in her hand, called her son Ja’Myron down to the kitchen in a very stern voice. She had a threatening look on her face and the look on her sons face reflected pure fear. He had no idea that his mother had previously set up a video camera to record the whole encounter.

As she pushed the envelope into her son’s hands she yelled at him for purchasing something off of the internet. He shook his head in denial and seemed awfully confused behind his terror. He stared at the package that had mysteriously arrived with his name on it.

Marj continued to urge him to open the package  until he finally gave in. Once he had successfully torn the envelope open and held a brand new Apple I-Pod in his hand he still seemed surprised. His mother told him to read the note that she sneakily stuck inside, reading, “Happy birthday, from Mom.”

It only took a few seconds before he realizes it was all one big giant birthday prank! As his eyes widened and a smile appeared on his face he embraced his mother and thanked her, despite all the harassing.

Good luck trying to ground your son again, Marj.

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