Mom Warns Other Parents After Newborn Gets a Life-Threatening Herpes Virus. Everyone Should See This…

Mom Warns Other Parents After Newborn Gets a Life-Threatening Herpes Virus. Everyone Should See This…

Angela Markus

You don’t have to be a child development expert to give your baby a great start in life. Love, attention and basic care are what your baby really needs and wants. However, if you’re a mother or father, sibling or an individual liable for a new child, you may need to take heed of this mom’s warning about defending your child throughout the cold sore season.

If you are unfamiliar, cold sores are the bodily signs of HSV-1, the oral herpes virus. Unlike conventional herpes, oral herpes is not sexually transmitted illness. Transmittance occurs by way of saliva, typically from kissing or sharing meals and drinks with a contaminated individual.

In adults, oral herpes is comparatively benign and very widespread. However, the reverse could be stated for newborns. For children, the virus can be deadly. When Claire Henderson child, Brooke, got a fever, Henderson took the infant to the hospital simply to be cautious.

Doctors told Henderson that her baby had the oral herpes virus and instantly started treatment. Fortunately, Henderson caught the sickness early, and that saved her child’s life.

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Henderson then posted a warning to Facebook:

Please share this with every new mum and pregnant woman you know… COLD SORES CAN BE FATAL FOR A BABY. Before 3 months old a baby cannot fight the herpes virus. If a baby contracts this it can cause liver and brain damage and lead to death. I know this sounds like I am scaremongering but if my friend had not told me about this my baby girl could have been very seriously ill. I noticed the signs early and got her to A&E, we have now been in a hospital on a drip for [three] days and have got another [two] to go. She was VERY lucky; all her tests came back clear. The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborns mouth, even if they don’t look like they have a cold sore- 85 [percent] of the population carry the virus. And if someone had a cold sore ask them to stay away until it has gone. Everyone who I have spoken to had not heard of this before, and so I felt it was important to share Brooke’s story and raise awareness to stop anyone else going through what we have this week.

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