This Compilation of Careless Mothers Will Make You Shake Your Head

This Compilation of Careless Mothers Will Make You Shake Your Head

Angela Markus

Mothers are very special, no doubt. They are tireless caregivers and the emotional backbones of families. However, now and then there are stories of some mothers who fall short of their glory. Take these mothers, for instance. This video has to be one of the scariest compilations of bad parenting you will ever see.

This video is actually used as a learning tool for drivers to exercise precaution on the roads. Sadly, another issue is evident in the video- moms being careless with their children.

There are no polite words to describe the first mother in the video. She callously strolls across a busy street on her cell phone while her child follows behind on a bicycle. Then we see a car stop, only to realize that a mother rushing her kid across the street. What would have been the outcome if the car did not slow down?

But that’s only the beginning of many alarming scenes…

The scariest of them all involves a mother with two children. Seconds into blindly crossing the street without looking both ways, they are immediately stopped by a speeding vehicle. The vehicle was so close that the front wheels of the stroller flew off. The mother was clearly shaken, as she should be.

I can’t help but shake my head…

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