Proud Mama Has The Perfect Response To The Person Who Called Her Son Ugly on Instagram

Proud Mama Has The Perfect Response To The Person Who Called Her Son Ugly on Instagram

Angela Markus

Sharing pictures of the people you love online has become almost everyone’s favorite thing to do. However, with sharing comes commenting, and some people have a knack for being cruel especially to children. When an Instagram user posted a beautiful photo of her smiling son, who happens to have Down syndrome, one commenter said the unthinkable.

For children growing up, there is not much that will cut to the emotional core like a bully calling them “ugly.” It’s a cowardly attack that usually reveals more about the insecurities of the bully than the beauty of the child being bullied.

Bullying can leave a lasting impression on young children. Self-esteem issues, the loss of self-worth and a degradation of the beauty God gave each unique human being he created. Overall, it’s a loss of the celebration of the beauty of life. And one begs to question why direct such hatred to a child?

But mom is not taking the comment so likely, and she responded in the best way. In her response she states the fact that she is aware of the numerous Internet trolls since blogging about her baby.




To the person hiding behind a handle she said, “The fact that you find my child ugly is one thing. You are entitled to your opinion. But the fact that you intentionally search #downsyndrome to find pictures to insult (sadly, Quinn is not the only victim of your behavior; I came across many other inflammatory responses) is both childish and sad.

She addressed the fact that the person searches out people with Down syndrome so he or she could leave derogatory comments. She ends the notes perfectly. “I simply hope my own children learn to look past ignorant comments and actions and treat others with respect and dignity. We all deserve it, even you.” Then she signed the note, “A Proud Mama.”



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