Mom Writes An Inspiring Open Letter To The Burglars Who Took Everything From Her Family

Mom Writes An Inspiring Open Letter To The Burglars Who Took Everything From Her Family

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When the Mahjouri Family bought their new home in Derby, England, they were excited to start their new life together. Though Andre and Alexandra had been together for years, and had a child together in 2011, they didn’t decide to get married until two years later.

Their wedding, which took place in July of this year, had been long-awaited by all their friends and family. After the honeymoon, the couple had purchased a new gorgeous house together in Derby, and they and their four-year-old son moved in only a few months ago.

In ecstatic anticipation of spending their first Christmas as a legally official family in their new home, the three had gotten right to work decorating for the holidays. Alexandra and Andre had already bought their son all of his presents, wrapped them, and gotten them under the tree several weeks ahead of the big event. Then, disaster struck.

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Only a few short weeks before Christmas, the three returned home from a family outing to discover that their house had been broken into, and almost all of their belongings had been stolen, including their little one’s Christmas presents.



Alex and Andre knew immediately what had happened, and were shocked and frightened, but Alexandra, who is a teacher by profession, knew just how to spin the story so that their four-year-old wouldn’t be afraid to sleep in his own bedroom that night. The couple quickly managed to come up with a story that would make the whole thing seem like an adventure for their son. They told him that Buddy the Elf and Disney the Cat had been feeling mischievous, so they had stolen all of the family’s things, and it was up to the three of them, to search around and find all their stuff.



Turning it into a game stopped their little man from being afraid, but his parents were still pretty shaken up. To cope with her own fear, Alexandra posted an open letter on Facebook to the burglars, and what she wrote is truly admirable and inspiring. You can read her post here.

The entire first part of the letter lists all the reasons she is thankful that the robbers stole all of their things. Though at points the letter is tinged with the natural bitterness and fear that any self-respecting human would feel over such a violation of their space and belongings, it is also interspersed with gratefulness and maturity.





You can read her entire Facebook and see for yourself how Alexandra took a scary and sad event and found a way to have as much of a positive outlook as she could under the circumstances. We are truly impressed with this mom’s quick thinking and the graceful way she handled the entire tough situation.

Our hearts go out to her and her family this Christmas!

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