Moms Talk To Each Other The Way They Talk To Their Kids and It’s Hilarious!

Moms Talk To Each Other The Way They Talk To Their Kids and It’s Hilarious!

Angela Markus

If it is one thing we all know firsthand, it’s our mother’s language. The scolding when we disruptively interrupt grown people conversations or the pleasantries that occur when they notice something new. These hilariously funny moms of the comedic YouTube channel The BreakWomb decided to show us what that language would be like if there were to speak to their friends in the same manner. The outcome—hilarious.

It starts with any typical mom conversation. As the mom in the middle, Megan tries to remember the name of the movie with said hot actor, her friend on the right, Molly, cuts her off by exclaiming, “Oh, Hayden Christiansen!” And just like your mom would, she reminds her why that is never a good idea. Megan, offended by the rude interruption, looks sternly at her fellow mom and says, “Excuuuuse me, Molly. I’m talking. You need to wait until I’m done and then you can talk, OK?”

Sound familiar?

Molly, embarrassed and annoyed, responds with a curt, “I’m sorry,” as she guiltily stares into her coffee cup. The moms continue with comprising and awkward encounters like high-pitched praises for seemingly insignificant accomplishments and scolding each other for juvenile things. Hilarious.

This is sure to make aware of how you sound when you speak to your little ones. I am sure moms everywhere are saying, do I sound like that?

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