Learn How to Save Money With These 7 Money Saving Hacks!

Learn How to Save Money With These 7 Money Saving Hacks!

Erika Carter

Who doesn’t love to save some extra money for the future? As we grow older saving becomes so much more important. Remember the years of skimping by with less than $10 in your bank account? Wondering if you are going to make it to the weekend?

Or how about trying to stretch that $10 as far as you can at the grocery store? I am so glad those days are over, but the stretching of money still is ingrained in my brain. Now I want to stretch the money as far as I can in my savings account. Lucky for us, here are 7 money saving life hacks to help!

Save money by saving food! Say you went to the grocery store hungry (always a no no) and left with five steaks for one person. Instead of having to throw these items away, vacuum seal the steak using just a Zip Lock bag and your kitchen sink!

Ever sit down and your remote is dead and you only have one extra battery? Well, the juice from one fresh battery is enough to power a small device like a remote. Place the new battery into the remote. Next find an extra bolt or screw around the house and place it in the empty battery compartment to complete the circuit. Sit back and enjoy!

Watch the video below to learn five other amazing money saving hacks!

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