You Won’t Believe What This Monkey Teaches This Man To Do. HILARIOUS!

You Won’t Believe What This Monkey Teaches This Man To Do. HILARIOUS!

Kendall Conners

Chino The Monkey is an adorable brown capuchin who’s livin’ it up at the International Primate Rescue Centre in South Africa. He spends his days lounging around and doing what he does best — crunching leaves.

Chino’s one passion in life is to crunch leaves. He loves everything about it, the way the leaves feel in his little hands and the sound they make when they crush between his fingers. But crunching leaves isn’t just a solo mission for dear Chino, he wants to spread his love and passion with all of his friends, primate or not. Why should he be the only one that gets to enjoy that sweet sound of leaves crushing?

So one day while he was checking out his leaf supply, he decided to stop a man and show him how it’s done. He grabs a handful of leaves and plops them in the man’s hand. Then, he closes his hand into a fist and shows him how to properly crunch.

Chino goes through this process multiple times with the human. At one point it looks like Chino gets frustrated and is thinking, “Seriously, man? THAT’S how you crush a leaf?”

This video is beyond adorable and just goes to show how insanely intelligent monkeys really are. What would you do if a monkey stopped you in your path and taught you how to crunch leaves?

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