He Hands His Pet Monkey Floss. What He Does Next Is Too Cute For Words!

He Hands His Pet Monkey Floss. What He Does Next Is Too Cute For Words!

Angela Markus

Just when you thought you have seen it all, here’s one smart animal that will blow your mind. Monkeys are some of man’s closest relatives, but this little 4-year-old Black-capped Capuchin named MonkeyBoo has taken aping human behavior up a couple notches.

MonkeyBoo’s owner hands him some dental floss.  At first, the little Capuchin curiously examines the piece of floss like, what’s this for? Then MonkeyBoo does something we all need to do more often – he gives his pearly whites a thorough floss.

In the wild, Capuchin monkeys are known for their intelligence. According to Global Animal, researchers claim monkeys like MonkeyBoo have negotiating skills on par with 3-year-old children. They spend most of their days searching for food and napping, wedged between tree branches.

But this cheeky pet monkey is more accustomed to taking care of his personal hygiene. His owner, whose voice is heard in the background, encourages the monkey, saying “Floss your teeth, Boo,” and, “Get them nice and clean, get in between all of them.”

Humans may be reluctant to floss their teeth, but MonkeyBoo does not mind. We all know that monkeys love to groom and apparently flossing is an extension of that. This incredible video shows us that if a Capuchin monkey can do it, so can we. Always remember to floss!

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