Monsters Inc Inspired Make-up Tutorial

Monsters Inc Inspired Make-up Tutorial

Angela Markus

Never have I seen the talent of makeup artists before the advent of YouTube. Frequently, we see how these gifted individuals, use makeup to create some of the most fascinating visuals. As Halloween is approaching, it only makes sense we feature another. Promise Phan is known for her artistic makeup tutorials. Here she is showing how to master a Monster INC Inspired Makeup.

The great part, it is quite easy to follow along with.

She effortlessly transforms herself into Britany Davis of Monster University showing us the process from start to end. Although the character only has three eyes, she decided to do five.

After mixing the colors to get the perfect match, she applies it to her face. She applies two layers to ensure the color is vibrant. She then adds the white face paint to create five eyes, two over her eyes, one on her forehead and the others on her cheek.

With a smaller brush, she uses black paint to outline the eyes. She then uses pink eyeshadow to paint over the eyes. After painting in blue eyeballs, she outlines her eyelids with more black paint adding eyelashes as well. She completes the look by adding pupils and twinkles, and the look is getting scary already.

She then uses pink lip liner on her lips and puts on a pink wig. Nailed it!

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