Give Mom Something She ACTUALLY Wants This Mother’s Day – Check Out These Ideas!

Give Mom Something She ACTUALLY Wants This Mother’s Day – Check Out These Ideas!

Ashley Rego

In case you need a little friendly reminder – Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

More specifically, it’s this coming Sunday, and if you’re like me, you haven’t even begun to think of what dear old mom deserves for her special day. 

I mean, is there really any gift out there that even remotely reflects the appreciation and love you have for her? No, of course not, so I’ll suffice with something a bit less grandiose. Because like Mom always said, “It’s the thought that counts!”

While there’s always the option of gifts we know to be tried and true – blossoming flowers, sentimental cards and glistening jewelry – this year I’d like to go a different route…a bit less materialistic, if you will.

1. Call me crazy, but if there is one thing mom actually wants on Mother’s Day, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s you!

I swear, it’s as simple as that. You are your mother’s pride and joy, the reason for life and the apple of her eye. So of course, if she could have anything in the world, she would have you standing right there next to her. And seriously, is there anything worse than thinking about Mom, all alone on Mother’s Day?! You couldn’t do that to her, now could you?!

2. Breakfast in bed…or heck, dinner on the table.

After years of prepping three meals a day, each day of the week, for the entire family (and then some), it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Mom could probably use a break from the kitchen. Surprise her to a thoughtfully crafted breakfast she can enjoy in the comfort of her own bed. If Mom’s an early riser, dinner is always an option too! Send Mom to the couch to kick up her heels and relax while you whip up a meal meant for a king…well, queen.

3. Spa Day

If there’s something that Mom needs more than anything, my guess would be some quality R & R – rest and relaxation. Treat the lady to a massage, a facial or even a manicure. I think she’ll appreciate just about ANY kind of pampering she can get!

4. Wine…because…wine not?

If there’s one thing I know for certain, you can never go wrong with wine (unless, of course, Mom doesn’t drink. Then by all means – skip this suggestion). BUT, if the lady of the hour can appreciate a nice glass of alcohol infused grape juice, then Mother’s Day just got a whole lot easier. If you know which type of wine she prefers, go to your local grocery store (or winery if you’re lucky to have one nearby) and ask the sales people to help you pick out the perfect selection. If you want to get fancy, buy a few bottles alongside some savory cheese and crackers and bundle them all up in a basket to create a homemade gift basket with your own personal touch!

5. A nice, CLEAN, surprise!

In my eyes, Mom has been cleaning since day one. Whether it be the baby food dribbling down my 6-month-old chin, the endless cascade of toys scattered around every nook and cranny of the house, or the shattered pieces of my teenage broken heart – Mom is ALWAYS there to help clean up the mess. I know that my sister, my brother, and even my father can concur to that one! After years and years of constantly picking up other people’s clutter, I think it’s time we turn the tables. This Mother’s Day, surprise Mom to a complete spring cleaning. Secretly get her out of the house while you and the rest of the family do a head to toe sweep of the house. The look on her face when she sees the work you’ve done (or eliminated) will be well worth it!

6. A little mother-daughter QT

I can’t think of a better way to say “I love you” than to plan a special outing with mom. Mix things up and invite her on an excursion that’s something she doesn’t normally do. Last Mother’s Day, I took my mom to one of those Paint Nite events where you are instructed on how to paint a designated picture while indulging in some delicious craft cocktails, all while enjoying the company of others in a local bar or restaurant! This idea was a bit outside of the box, but she absolutely LOVED it! So much, in fact, I think Paint Nite has become a new tradition!

7. Peace and Quiet?

Second to your company, the thing that mom could probably use most is that mystical mirage that people like to call ‘peace and quiet.’ If you, yourself are a mother, then you are probably well aware of this untouchable dream, but have yet to see its existence. But I swear to you, it does exist! Treat mom to a little alone time where she can actually have that illusory peace and quiet she so desperately needs. Take the rest of the family out of the house and set the patio up with her favorite book, soft music playing in the background and a chilled bottle of wine waiting her company. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, she will definitely be grateful for this little escape from reality.

And if all else fails…cupcakes.

Because nothing says “I love you” more than a plate full of sugar.

Now these are only suggestions, but in my opinion, these seven Mother’s Day gifts are infallible. Because let’s face it, in the end, all Mom really wants is to be with the ones she loves the most – YOU!

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