10 Things Only Mothers Of Boys Know To Be True

10 Things Only Mothers Of Boys Know To Be True

Ashley Rego

Not every mother has the pleasure of raising an exhilarating houseful of all boys, but those who do – hats off to you, brave ladies!

Although it’s a commitment you have no control over, when you become a dedicated mother to a bundle of boys, you are about to embark on one heck of a journey. Trust me, with three sons of my own, I would know.

While sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have a daughter, consuming my days with tea parties and tiaras, I wouldn’t change being a mother of boys for anything in the world! It’s a challenging, hair-raising, and somewhat perplexing adventure, but that’s what I love about it – I’m constantly kept on my toes!

So maybe we’ll never go shopping for a wedding dress, or spend hours lounging in a salon (or maybe we will!), but that’s okay. Being a mother to sons brings its own amazing moments filled with laughter, love and oh so much fun!

Whether you are the mother of one, two or a whole handful of boys, these 10 facts are ones you know to be true!

1. They are incredibly curious – making everything an adventure!


2. They have two levels of volume – loud and louder.


3. Dirt is something you must learn to embrace.


4. Along with smells.


5. Speaking of smells…You must understand that any type of bodily function is funny.


6. They eat…a lot.


7. The phrase “Get your hands out of your pants,” will be one you use all too often.


8. And so will “Put the toilet seat down.”


9. They have inhuman bursts of energy…usually at all the wrong times.


10. They love their mama 🙂


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