This Movie Dance Compilation Will Make You Shut Up And Dance!

This Movie Dance Compilation Will Make You Shut Up And Dance!

Jamaica Bravo

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need to do is dance! We’ve all had days that weren’t so good and needed that one thing to spruce up our attitude. Well, in this video we have found the source for the ultimate happiness.

If you recall, many of our favorite movies have some of the most, happy go lucky moments that take part on the dance floor or even in their rooms by themselves as they dance like nobody else is watching. Even though the dance moves can be a little corny, they’ve always been sure to put a smile on someone’s face. The dances can be anywhere from dirty dancing, to innocent prancing or even a romantic couples dance. But no matter the type of dance that is being expressed, it is sure to warm the heart.

In this video clip, you will see a compilation of dances from your favorite movies! There’s everything from the animated “Happy Feet” to the classic “Grease”. Warning: after watching this video, you just may want to shut up and dance yourself — or at least go on a video binge!

No matter what you’re going through, remember that the world is a place where everything can be turned around. Just take off your shoes, close the door, turn on your favorite music and dance! This is a definite way to allow you to forget the stressful things in life and free your mind.

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