Right In The Middle Of His Friend’s ‘Music Video’ He Gets Down On One Knee!

Right In The Middle Of His Friend’s ‘Music Video’ He Gets Down On One Knee!

Erika Carter

Sam and Jess have known each other since they were 10. After Jess started dropping hints about wanting to get engaged, Sam decided to plan out a special proposal for her that would mark the beginning of their lives together. In order to keep Jess unsuspecting of the scheme, he told her that his cousin Matty needed a couple to star in his music video and asked them to help. Little did Jess know that this would be the surprise of a lifetime for her!

While the sweet couple was at Love Park, their family and friends waited at the restaurant for the final scene. The vibrant music video starts off with Matty playing the guitar and singing, while Sam and Jess are seen in many picturesque areas around Love Park, surrounded by trees and fountains.

A reminiscent point in the music video is reached as old footage of their 2006 prom together is incorporated, along with photographs of them as teenagers. As Matty sings “And I pray you feel the same, cause I’ve been thinking about giving you my last name” Sam is shown holding a red box with the beautiful, sparkling ring he will be proposing with.

The final scene shows the couple dining at an Italian restaurant and completely immersed in one another, with Matty playing live in the background. As soon as the song is finished, Sam promptly gets down on one knee, declaring his love for Jess and finally asking her to marry him. She said yes!

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