Man Suffers A Major Infection After Using The Incorrect Nail Clippers

Man Suffers A Major Infection After Using The Incorrect Nail Clippers

Kaleena Madruga

One young man learned he had been utilizing the wrong method to cut his toenails all along.

23-year-old Rodney Colley realized that his right big toe had what appeared to be a hangnail.

A hangnail is not, in fact, a nail but a small skin flap which gets separated from the nail or cuticle.

He got rid of it the way many would—he ripped it right off, and then went about business as usual. It didn’t take him long to notice that something was wrong.

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Days later, Rodney was in for a surprise- his toenail was infected. After trying at-home remedies to no avail, he knew a doctor’s visit was warranted.

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There, Rodney learned that he was using the wrong clipper to cut his nails. Instead of using straight-edge clippers, Rodney was using regular clippers to round off the edges of his nails.

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That caused a problem because the extra skin flap was attached to an ingrown toenail. He should have been using these:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.50.01 PM


Colley said, “Basically he gave me a tetanus shot. Then he gave me two numbing shots, one on each side of my toe. After he cleaned off my toe with an antiseptic, man, he put that needle in my toe and I started squirming. It hurt so bad.”

The doctor removed a portion of his toenail of which he describes, “He pulled out these tools that looked like a torture device, and just grabbed onto my nail and started cutting. Then he yanked it clean out.”

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Let this be a lesson to us all!

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