Internet Gets Heated Over Singer’s Outfit During Her Performance of the National Anthem

Internet Gets Heated Over Singer’s Outfit During Her Performance of the National Anthem

Angela Markus

The Internet can be a brutal place when it comes to public opinion. R&B performer Ciara is bearing the brunt for her choice of clothing while singing the national anthem at the College Football Playoffs National Championship game in Glendale, Arizona.

The singer, who is currently dating Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, took the stage on the 50-yard line of Monday’s game wearing a floor-length white gown with a matching white cape.

Many social media users took to their sounding boards to say that the singer’s dress was “too revealing.”  Among the disturbed were two former ESPN reporters who tweeted that the singer showed too much cleavage, given that children would be watching the final game, Clemson University vs. University of Alabama.

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Former ESPN reporter Bonnie Bernstein tweeted, “Dear Ciara. You’re stunning. But this is a National Championship Game. Kids are watching. Cover up.” Ouch! Bernstein then sought to defend her comments when some on the social media platform accused her of criticizing Ciara due to her race.

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Bernstein was supported by fellow former ESPN reporter Jason Whitlock, who chimed in, “Appropriate, fair tweet. The dress was inappropriate. Her voice was more than enough. Why distract w/nudity?”

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Despite facing criticism from some, Ciara’s main supporter, Russell Wilson, tweeted a photo of the singer at the event with the caption, “I see you baby! Sounded amazing & looked flawless in every way!”

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While Ciara has not addressed Bernstein’s comments, she did share a photo of herself from the event on Twitter with the caption, “Truly Grateful For This Moment, and To Be A Part Of A Special Night.”

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