Feeling Homesick? For Just $40 an Hour, You Can Now Rent a Temporary Mom

Feeling Homesick? For Just $40 an Hour, You Can Now Rent a Temporary Mom

Angela Markus

We all know what a mother’s importance is in our life not only throughout childhood, but adulthood too. She is our first point of contact and nurturer, teaching and advising us on the life. At times we might love her or hate her, but we all know that there is no one more dependable than Mom.

For some, Mom isn’t within a hug’s reach. But depending on where you live, you no longer have to worry about feeling homesick. For simply $40 you can rent your very own mom

NeedAMom is a service that allows you to rent a mother for the most critical of days. On her Squarespace website, owner, Nina Keneally 63, notes that she’s been a Tony-winning theater producer, assistant stage manager, an assistant to directors, producers, press agents, among other notable accomplishments, all while raising a family of her own.



Implying that no matter the situation, your rent-a-mom, Keneally can handle, much like your real mom. Touting her services as one of a “short-term, temporary mom,” Keneally will not question your lifestyle choice, be judgmental, expect presents ever or keep you on the phone for long periods of time. But she is willing to stand in place of mothers to 20 – 35-year-olds for $40 an hour.

Based in Bushwick, New York all six of her existing clients are also based in Brooklyn, and have given the New York Post some pretty rave reviews.  Natalie Chan, a 34-year-old who is one of Keneally’s temporary kids told the Post, “All the friends and people around me are the same age, and shrinks are just kinda impersonal.” But the woman behind NeedAMom is different, Chan says. “She doesn’t judge. She just kinda, like, smiles and says, ‘Stop doing that.’ She’ll never say, ‘You’re stupid.’”

What is she willing to do? She will offer advice, help with resumes, and party planning among other things. Like a typical mom, she says that the going rate is negotiable if the client has some financial woes.

Her idea came about after interacting with several young people that she thought needed some guidance. I think Keneally has a great idea going here.

After all, moms really do know best!

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