Older Brother Reacts To His Brand New Baby Brother

Older Brother Reacts To His Brand New Baby Brother

Angela Markus

Parents with toddlers bringing home brand new little ones sometimes learn that the transition is not as easy as it might seem. With your first child, there is a fixation on recovering from childbirth and figuring out how to care for a baby. However, with the second bundle of joy, you are more likely to wonder how your older child will respond to having a new brother or sister. Well, this little guy’s reaction says a lot.

Fresh out of the womb, little babies are so tender and fragile that many might refrain from holding them. Also, the journey into this world is a tiring one. Yes, they are happy, but they might be a little overwhelmed while adjusting to their new environment.

On a hospital visit to meet his new baby brother, this little guy sits in the chair as his mom hands over the new baby for him to hold. His mother encourages the bigger brother by telling him he is doing a good job.

Big brother’s hand is perfectly cupped around the swaddled baby boy as he appears to have a million thoughts running through his head. That was until the little guy belts out a scream. Big brother’s reaction is one of terror.

Poor guy got scared!

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