This Sweet Boy Became A Big Brother And Is Loving It!

This Sweet Boy Became A Big Brother And Is Loving It!

Angela Markus

Older siblings either get very jealous with a new addition to the family, or they are more like Waylon. The idea of no longer being the only child can be terrifying, but not for this older brother. He is completely smitten with his baby brother, and what he tells his mother will leave you astounded.

Emily Matthews of Jackson, Tennessee, shared to Facebook the cutest clip showing her three-year-old son, Waylon, adorably cuddling his baby brother, Lawless. Not only he is enjoying the bonding time, but he refuses to give him back to his mother. Emily asks her big boy, “Can I have him?” Waylon responds definitively, “No!” Holding his baby brother tighter.

Mom spoke to the local newspaper saying, “I don’t think baby Lawless could ask for a better big brother than him.” When asked about her thoughts on why the video went viral she says, “Honestly, I just hope it has more of an impact on people showing love to each other instead of all the hate. Think about what’s really important.”

She also revealed that the big brother has been quite helpful. He helps her feed and change Lawless daily. Mom said when baby Lawless cries, his big brother is the first one there to give him his pacifier and his blanket.

We know for sure this baby boy is in good hands.

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