This Newborn Baby Chick Just Wants To Be Held. Is That Too Much To Ask?

This Newborn Baby Chick Just Wants To Be Held. Is That Too Much To Ask?

Jamaica Bravo

All you need is love,” and if you don’t truly believe in this Beatles’ lyric than maybe this video might convince you the power of love!

An adorable baby chick standing alone, shivering and chirping anxiously, hoping something or someone will come to its aid. As the chick calls out for love, a hand embraces the little guy. The baby chick continues to chirp, but as it draws closer to the hand it appears less anxious. The chirping quiets and the chick’s curiosity increases as it warms. The chick pecks the hand possibly ensuring it is not walking into a dangerous situation.

As the chick attempts to flutter its wings, the hand does not grab the chick to help, but instead allows the chick the opportunity to come in its own time. The chick puts one foot than the next foot into the hand while pecking around. As the chick enters the hand seeking warmth, the chirping begins to end. The chick rests its tiny head in the hand and snuggles its body while spreading its wings. The chick slowly falls asleep in the hand enjoying its new surroundings. The baby chick silently breathes appearing to have found the love it had been looking for all along!

You’ll be captivated in this short love story, if not by the adorable chick, but surely by the happy ending!

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