Man Finds Newborn In Bushes While Walking To Work

Man Finds Newborn In Bushes While Walking To Work

Genevieve Lopez

What seemed like an ordinary morning walk to work, ended up changing one man’s life forever. In Jalisco, Mexico, Raul Marin was on his way to work when he noticed a peculiar object wrapped up in a piece of cloth beneath the bushes. Rather than passing it by, something deep inside of his conscience urged him to inspect what was underneath. He took a closer look and discovered the last thing he expected to see!

Beneath the thin, raggedy blanket was a newborn baby still in the fetal position. As soon as he lifts the cloth, the newborn squints her eyes against the sun, assuring us she’s alive! The whimpers that follow overpower Raul’s panting. You can hear the anxiety in his voice as he realizes what he’s stumbled upon — a newborn baby abandoned in the woods.

Raul immediately called emergency services where they took the newborn to a hospital. It was there that Raul discovered the baby was a girl. As doctors announce she’s expected to be okay, Raul realizes, not only did he save her life, but she saved his.

Now, he’s currently in the process of trying to adopt the little angel he saved, as he believes it to be a “gift from God” to him.

It’s a story you rarely hear, but a beautiful one with a happy ending indeed.

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