The Nurse Hands Mom Over Her Newborn. But What She’s Wearing Leaves Her In Shock!

The Nurse Hands Mom Over Her Newborn. But What She’s Wearing Leaves Her In Shock!

Genevieve Lopez

By now, we’ve seen thousands of creative ways to pop the question, from flash mobs to airplane scripture. But it’s not often that we see proposals that coincide with another significant life event. For the Lowery-Miles family, their love story just so happened to be on the same day they welcomed their new baby girl, Lynleigh Nicole Miles.

18-year-old Michael Miles had always known he wanted to marry his girlfriend of four years, 19-year-old Triston Lowery. But he was waiting for the right moment. When they discovered they were pregnant, the young couple was ecstatic, and in the midst of baby planning, Triston never saw the big question coming.

On the day after their little one was born, the nurse handed Mom her little bundle of joy, but what she was wearing left her speechless. Written in glittery purple letters on her tiny onesie was a phrase that would forever change this family’s life. It read, “Will you MARRY my DADDY?”





“Any woman who has had a child knows that after you have a baby your emotions are crazy,” Lowery tells “I was super excited, because I didn’t only gain a beautiful daughter, I gained a lifelong partner.”

Triston not only experienced two milestones in less than 24 hours, she got it all on film and made a viral video, receiving over 1.3 million views in just a few days.

“By the time I left the hospital almost all of South Mississippi had seen [the video]. I was shocked,” Miles explains. That may not seem like a lot coming from a small town from Mississippi, but this young family became an internet sensation in just a short time!

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We are so happy for the Lowery-Miles family and wish them all the happiness in the world!

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