News Anchor Make Uranus Joke and Leaves Coworkers Jaw-Dropped!

News Anchor Make Uranus Joke and Leaves Coworkers Jaw-Dropped!

Jamaica Bravo

Being a news anchor is tough. Sometimes, while reading the teleprompter, its hard not to laugh, so they have to really hone their prefrontal cortex’s ability for verbal inhibition. But every now and then, everyone makes a slip-up and the one this news anchor makes is all too funny. Or at least it was for those of us who caught it.

While his coanchor, Aileen Mitchell, was reporting on CKPG news about a new type of red lettuce that astronauts on the International Space Station have finally been able to grow for the first time, her coworker can hardly hide the glimmer in his eyes behind his thick black-rimmed glasses. As soon as Mitchell has finished explaining about the space station’s vegetable garden, she turns to her coworker for his upcoming story, only to have him blurt out the most second-grade joke immaginable. The expressions on both Mitchell’s and her female colleague’s faces are to die for.

Though they all do a pretty darn good job hiding their man’s ill-timed, terribly-executed and even more poorly-worded joke, it’s obvious from their faces that he is going to get some real slack later. Take a peek at this video to hear the man’s juvenile joke and laugh right along with his coanchors at the awkward moment that directly follows it. Let us just gently tell you dude, don’t quit your day job. Being a successful comedian is definitely not in your near future.

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