Transform An Old Nightstand Into The Cutest Addition To Your Home!

Nightstand Upcycle

Transform An Old Nightstand Into The Cutest Addition To Your Home!

Sophia Gioiello

It’s bright and early Saturday morning and you stumble upon a garage sale that you just can’t pass up. If you’re lucky enough, the friendly neighbors are trying to get rid of an outdated night stand. With an eye for design and a spark of creativity, you see that old, banged up piece of furniture as a diamond in the rough!

A thrifty furniture find is the first ingredient to a do-it-yourself project for any room in your home. The imaginative bloggers at Spoonflower show us how to revive a nightstand with eye-catching wall paper and spray paint.

She says she found the bedside table at a thrift store for an affordable $10 and knew it was the start of her next makeover project.

Although it doesn’t look like much to begin with, she knows how to transform any vintage furniture into a vivid statement piece to your home.


To begin, she removed the hardware, sanded the table and washed each side with warm soapy water. Once the table was completely dried, she primed it white.


After the nightstand was primed and ready to go, she added a brightly colored spray paint for the perfect pop of color. She used an aqua blue, but the options are endless depending on your personal style and decorating preference.


Then comes the fun part! She wanted to add more personality to her newly painted table, so she found a bold black and white wall paper for the drawers.


Simply measure the draw and cut the piece of wallpaper to ensure the wall decal fits snugly.


But wait, it doesn’t end there! Next, she uses a large piece of wall paper and cuts it into four rectangles with a rotary cutter and cutting mat. Apply the pieces one side at a time, making sure the print runs in the right direction.


The end result is almost too cute not to try! With a little extra love and careful crafting, you too can turn an old nightstand into this adorable addition to your home!


The color and pattern combination possibilities are endless!

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